Child Welfare

Lunchtimes and Snack Times

St Hugh of Lincoln Nursery School actively encourages healthy eating.

All children, whether attending a morning or an afternoon session, are offered a café break. At this time, children are encouraged to collect a cup and bowl and sit with other children to have a drink of milk or water and a healthy snack. A variety of fruit and vegetables are offered and so the children are happy to have the opportunity of making a choice. We would encourage any children who stay for a lunch session not to bring inappropriate foods or sweets with them. If it is a special occasion such as a child’s birthday, we are happy to hand out individual cupcakes that you want to bring in for the children to have at café time, along with a choice of the fruit that they are given here.

Special Dietary Needs

The nursery keeps a record of any special dietary requirements and allergies.

This allows us to monitor your child at lunchtime sessions more vigilantly. The nursery has a no nut policy and advise parents of this in the admissions pack. We ask parents to bear this in mind when providing nursery lunches for their children.


If a child becomes ill during the day, the parent will be informed as soon as is practicably possible, on the emergency contact numbers which will be held in the office.

We can cater for many problems, but as a general rule we ask parents to take home any child who is running a high temperature or who we feel is unfit to be at nursery.
Where a child has been suffering from diarrhoea and or vomiting, we recommend that 48 hours’ elapse after the last bout before the child returns to the nursery.


The nursery will not administer any medication unless it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Inhalers and other medication needed by children will be properly stored, out of reach of children, with access strictly controlled by staff. This will only be administered subject to parents’ consent, and dosage amounts and times clearly defined by a doctor’s prescription. Any medicine given will be logged by nursery staff appropriately.

Accident Book

St Hugh of Lincoln Nursery School keeps an Accident Book to record minor bumps, falls and grazes and action that may be deemed necessary.

A member of staff will approach you when collecting your child to explain the incident and ask you to sign appropriate paperwork. Please note that if your child has a more serious accident whilst in the nursery’s care, a parent or guardian will be called immediately and asked to collect your child.

Child Protection

If parents have any particular concerns about the welfare or safety of their child, they should not hesitate to contact the nursery school.

The Oxfordshire Multi Agency Safeguarding Board (MASH), a statutory board convened by Oxfordshire County Council, is ready to become involved in promoting the welfare of a child if there is any need for them to do so; and we are responsible for making contact with that Board, should such a need arise. The Child Protection Lead in the nursery is the Nursery Manager, Louise Barrie.

For further details on welfare and safeguarding please refer to our policies.