We encourage open communication between parents and staff. Parents are always welcome to settle their child at the beginning of the session and to chat briefly with their child’s key person. We use an online system for tracking children’s progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage which is sent to parents on a regular basis. We encourage parents to work with us and respond to their child’s profile by returning an email to us with their comments and observations from home.

We hold 2 formal parent meetings per year but parents are welcome to arrange additional meetings to discuss their child’s development and any concerns they may have to ensure that at all times we continue to meet their child’s needs.

All the staff at St Hugh of Lincoln Nursery School are happy for you to discuss any matter which may concern you whilst your child remains at our nursery. We keep in close communication with parents of the children that attend the nursery by the following means:-

  • Regular termly newsletters which give you information about the activities for the term and any special events the nursery may be planning.
  • Communication via letter or PMX ParentMail of any important information on an ongoing basis.
  • We keep a detailed record of your child’s work and achievements at the nursery school, as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This will follow your child when he or she moves on to primary school.
  • Parents receive their child’s profile via our online programme 6 times a year.   We encourage parents to reply to the email with their observations and photographs from home.  This helps to build a strong partnership between home and the nursery school.
  • We hold parent dialogues twice yearly, to discuss your child’s progress, and to provide a chance for you to give feedback to the staff and the nursery school.
  • We hope that as a parent, you will keep in contact with us about anything to do with your child’s progress, both at nursery school and at home; and the Trustees and all our nursery school staff will do our best to remain in good contact with you.