Early Years Pupil Premium – EYPP (3 & 4 Year Old Children)

The nursery may be able to claim extra funding through the early year’s pupil premium to support your child’s development, learning and care. This can include providing valuable resources to support your child’s individual needs and extra training for the staff to enhance your child’s learning in specific areas. We may be entitled to receive up to £300 per year for 3 & 4 year old children whose parents reach the criteria set by the government. Please click on the link below to see if you are eligible.


Please see below examples of how we have used the funds.

September 2015 - July 2016: £1159.25



Success Criteria/Anticipated Impact


Child A

Water butt/conections/watering cans

Interest in nature/planting and growing extended – Understanding the World


Child B


Interest in cooking extended – emphasis on Maths & Understand the World


Child C

Woodwork tools (saw, screw drivers, spirit level). Dressing-up clothes/role play

Interest in woodwork extended – Physical Development/Expressive Arts & Design. Inclusion in concert – Personal Social and Emotional Development


Child D

Frozen role-play resources

Encourage interaction with peers to develop friendships (Personal, Social & Emotional Development)


Child E

Games for small group work

Encourage interaction with peers to development friendships (Personal, Social & Emotional Development)


Child A, B, C, D

Writing unit

Easy access to wide range of writing resources to develop pre-writing skills -Literacy


Child A, B, C, D

Large chalk board outside

Developing large movements in preparation for future writing – Literacy


Child A, B, C, D

Phonics training (Letters and Sounds)

Preparation for reading/school entry


Child A, B, C, D

EYPP training

Ability to allocate funding appropriately to support children’s individual needs