Friends Committee

What do the Friends do?

The Friends are a small group of parents who meet every term to decide how to help the nursery raise funds for events and equipment that will benefit the children’s learning and development.  It is a great opportunity to have your say on ideas of how you think the nursery can promote the children’s wellbeing and enjoyment in their early years.

How can you help?

  • Join the Friends committee by emailing: or speak to a member of staff.
  • Come along to the meetings and enjoy a social evening.
  • Volunteer a few hours of your time helping with events, such as bingo and family fun day.
  • Help the children in the nursery to complete fundraising activities such as creating Christmas cards and tea towels.
  • Take on a role such as Secretary, Treasurer or Chair.

A little of your times goes along way in helping us reach our goals and building the partnership between nursery and parents.